Williams Tarr Construction visit Stepping Stones Day Nursery

Williams Tarr Construction

Children from Stepping Stones Day Nursery in Warrington were recently paid a visit by their very own “Bob the Builder”, as part of their construction week at Pre-school.

Representatives from Williams Tarr Construction visited the nursery to explain the building process and to discuss what is involved in a general day at work for Bob (AKA Jon Marsden, Contracts Manager).

To ensure that the three and four years olds remained interested throughout the visit, they were encouraged to wear the Williams Tarr hard hats and safety vests, which had been provided for the experience.

In addition, Jon and a selection of the children worked together to build both a cardboard factory and a tower “the best part of the building experience for us all was knocking the tower down at the end” comments Jon.

Following the visit the children were left with a number of tasks; to make their own tool belt and  to make their own safety bunting, which could later be used to decorate their own construction area within the preschool room.

Helen Oliver, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Williams Tarr adds:

“Industry visits are an invaluable tool to help children to learn. They can absorb so much through seeing first-hand what is involved in the building process.

As a long established Warrington based company it was a pleasure to be able to go to Stepping Stones and see how excited the children were for our visit. At the current time  the nursery is surrounded by ongoing development so it was great for the children to be able to get a better understanding about what is happening within their local environment.

We really enjoyed our time at Stepping Stones and we hope that it was both a memorable and enjoyable experience for the children”.

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